Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two days to go

Thursday 11th September.

It really has been a settled campaign. Everything is set in place with the Independents agreeing to exchange preferences before the major Parties. There has been no nastiness. I think the Labor party are too embarrassed to get up to any no good. Besides, their comrades in Macquarie Street are making up for it.

I have had great support from my team of people ( Mike Frew, Leonie Goodwin, Bernie Loughlin, Ann Quigley, Dominic Wright and Allison, Albert Barnat, Gary Bain, Terry Hammond, Greg Haskew, Paul Napier, Brian McConachie, Peter & Pat Wiles, Joe & Cynthia Wiles, Owen & Grace Jeffress, Chris McCroary and my old mate from the Valley, Casey Conway) dropping leaflets across the whole of East Liverpool, Casula East, Prestons, and up in the Valley.

Now for polling day. I am short on polling booth workers across the 40 sites but we are confident our word is out there and my position on the top of the Mayoral Ballot paper sits well for those many people keen to send a message to the Labor Party.

One more day tomorrow for some late leaflet drops with my team of helpers.

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