Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to Vote - Lets Do It Liverpool

This document above took over 15 hours of telephone and face to face time to come to fruition.

It informs electors how to vote to show how sorry we are with the Labor Party losing our 30 million "Oasis" dollars and their arrogance in placing before us one of the main people involved in the Oasis decisions - their nominee for Mayor Wendy Waller.
(Ms Waller at a public forum on August 20th emphatically said
" I will not apologise to the people of Liverpool")

For the Liverpool "sorry vote" to be effective we had to ensure all Independents ( Byrne, Sim, Lucas, Jacotine and Nunez) exchanged preferences amongst themselves. This was achieved hours before the closing time for How to Vote Registrations with the delay due to some inexperience of people involved.

Preference flow stops at the Liberals to ensure Labor do not scrape in through exhausted votes.

The key thing for all electors is to continue their preferences as shown. If your vote exhausts by not going down to the 5th preferences as shown, it helps Labor. They have a large tribal vote
(Labor right or wrong) and could sit there with enough No 1's to beat off contenders who do not advance due to exhausted votes.

Vote 1 - Michael Byrne then down to at least 5 as shown.

Thanks to all.

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