Monday, September 8, 2008

Greetings from Michael Byrne

**** STOP PRESS *****

We are into the final week of the election campaign. Be sure to tune each day for updated policy and diary.

Help wanted: If you are impressed with my effort why not add to it for Liverpool's sake and help me out on polling day. A few hours at your local polling booth is an interesting experience.

Contact me via and I will get back to you. If you know where and when you can help please add it to the email - thanks..


Hello, my name is Michael Byrne.

I have been a citizen of Liverpool for 30 years.

I am seeking election as the Mayor of Liverpool on September 13th 2008. This and subsequent posts will provide me the opportunity to tell stories, provide opinion, develop policy with you and overall give you an idea of who I am.

So instead of being just a name on a ballot paper to choose from, I hope you will seek my name as that of a trusted associate to represent you as Mayor in our local city, Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia.

I offer leadership through knowledge, commitment and service.

To view my backgrounder which provides an overview of my time in Liverpool being engaged in its civic affairs, and older posts, go to the bottom of the screen (use side slide) and click on the "Older Posts" link.

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1 comment:

Gordon Wyles said...

This is a great initiative Michael & something that has been lacking in other campaigns.

Good luck with the upcoming elections - new blood is urgently required in Liverpool Council.

All the best.

Gordon W