Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Liverpool's Poor Political Representation

As Mayor I will remain a tireless advocate for any issue that I judge to be in the interest of Liverpool citizens and that rests outside of the Council budget domain. In particular, I will ginger up our lack lustre State Members that fail to take up our interests. Holsworthy Railway / Warwick Farm, Liverpool Station Car Parks are a disgrace and fall to far short of the public needs in our area.

Liverpool has been poorly served by its Labor career State politicians. Their various antics saw poor quality, and less threatening, Labor councillors to the fore that saw the loss of over $30 million of ratepayer funds in the Oasis folly.

Over the decades since the 60's George Paciullo, Craig Knowles and Paul Lynch expressed their creative abilities in bulking up their numbers at the Party branch level to attain / retain numbers for pre-selection. This ensured a secure safe seat that guaranteed re-election no matter how you performed in the interest of the electorate. In the case of Liverpool, it is an electorate delivering up to 70% of primaries in places.

The Hon. George Paciullo was simply a narcissistic dabbler at the job, notwithstanding his claim to fame in fronting the Random Breath Test introduction in the 80's. He was to later cause the waste of over $30 million of ratepayer funds on his Oasis "dream" turned nightmare leading to the dismissal of him as Mayor and his Council in 2004. He brought great financial loss and shame on Liverpool.

The Hon Craig Knowles sacrificed many of Liverpool / Macquarie Fields public interests to the altar of personal ambition towards the Premiership. What should have been fought for was ignored and buried in the name of the Party's interest that was directly linked to his interest and ambition. He crashed and burned at the base of the Premier's pedestal. He left Parliament at a whim taking a fat pension and causing a costly by-election.

The Hon. Paul Lynch MP, the current Member for Liverpool and Minister for Local Government, has simply worked Liverpool as his own political fiefdom for whatever global or ideological cause he attached himself to. He has failed the people of Liverpool over the years and he relies on the low expectations they have of their politicians. Mr Lynch will be the subject of my promised Ginger Up activity.

A little later I will expand on the real benefits and opportunities lost to Liverpool in the playing out of these peoples' ambitions.

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