Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Badgery's Creek Airport

Liverpool is a City bursting with need and opportunity.

The needs have been neglected across decades to the detriment of the City.

Its opportunities have been wasted through a prevailing small town cargo cult mentality ( good things will just turn up) or simply sacrificed on the altar of political ambition of local State Members.

One such opportunity is the Badgerys Creek Airport. A decision to proceed with this massive development will deliver thousands of jobs to Liverpool citizens at the development stage and importantly for the ongoing operational and multiplier service industries.

The CBD of Liverpool is equidistant from the existing Sydney Airport and the proposed Badgerys Creek airport. There is no noise issue for the established and planned Liverpool residential areas. Indeed the plans for the alignment of the proposed runways at Badgerys Creek have been around since 1985. They show a South / North direction that is parallel to Liverpool's developed areas. And since 1985 aircraft manufacture has advanced with materials, engine performance and noise emission being greatly improved.

Badgerys Creek Airport would generate high need for transport infrastructure to link both airports. Our existing major tollway roads pass through and interlink in Liverpool.

I want to see our young people taking residence in Liverpool to raise their families commuting to work to the wide open spaces to our west and not the parking lot traffic chaos to our east and north.

The shelving of Badgerys Creek Airport's development was a result of self serving Councils and State MPs who ran a scare campaign to boost their political advantage. Liverpool's representatives, Paciullo, Knowles and Lynch, and its compliant Council all laid low when the Party's interest, defined by those from other Western Sydney Labor areas, call for them to be quiet. Shame. They failed us.

As a City Leader Mayor, I am willing to take up Badgerys Creek Airport and advocate it as a real advantage to Liverpool and all areas surrounding it.

No more fear and scare politics in the name of self serving politics.


Chris said...

The suggestion that a SSA at Badgerys Creek be revived is ludicrous.

Firstly there was no need for an SSA in the 80s and 90s when it was first mooted and there is certainly no need for one now especially as according to all projections the current site will be adequate.

Secondly Badgerys Creeks is a totally unsuitable site for an airport.

You statements that that the Labor representatives you mentioned ditched the idea of an SSA because of political expedience. The fact is the ALP changed its policy was changed because the arguments put by community groups representing all shades of political opinion against an SSA in general and one at BC in particular were correct at the time and still are for that matter.

Michael Byrne said...


The debate has to be better than this.

I will leave it to better resourced Federal and State governments and their professional bureaucracies / consultants to determine whether any major infrastructure such as an Airport, or for that matter a Freight Terminal, is required and where it is best placed.

Where I and Council determine it is in the public interest, local and general, then we would support and promote it. At the same time I would go out and attain the best road / transport / industry benefits for our City and region that flow from the infrastructure investment.

The freeze over of decisions on Badgery's Creek Airport came from the same poor stock that has laid NSW low economically and politically. The only losers are the people.