Thursday, September 18, 2008

All over - red rover...

Me with Justin Hardman and Dee Carvill of Dublin, soon to be my daughter-in-law.

Greetings all.

It is all over. Ms Waller has been elected with 36% of the votes cast - or 39% of the formal votes.

Today's counting saw me draw 2645 of Sim's 11432 votes even though he did not publish preferences. But the killer to the Independents' campaign was the 7799 votes exhausted vote due to no preferences flowing after Sim's No 1.

So I offer my best wishes to Wendy. I hope she breaks from the machine mode of politics and connects to her community beyond her welfare industry subset. She needs to make her own stamp of it and break out of the Paul Lynch school of machine politics that is self serving whilst Liverpool is run into the ground through lack of civic leadership.

Thanks to all of my workers on polling day - you did a great job.

And thanks to my merry band of leaflet droppers (the great semi-retired : greyed haired blokes) - ya done good. Wherever we dropped our brochure we saw a higher vote.

Click for Final Counts. Click Mayoral Results / Preferential Counts tab / then Final Count Report.

I am taking time out now.

I will start this blog up again later in the year.

It is now time to reflect on matters. What has been confirmed to me is what we have is not good enough. Our Local and State governments are suffering seriously from a great lack of intellectual nourishment and moral force. Such happens when capable people consider it beneath their station to engage or just too hard to engage. The paradox is that this leaves a void that is filled by the narks, nongs and careerist opportunists who make it even more unpleasant to engage. I will give thought to providing a solution to the "too hard to engage" aspect of the disengagement of clever people of good will.

I am looking forward to the surf lifesaving season due to open in 2 weeks. Some quiet time at Garie Beach will refill the energy tanks. Have a look.

Cheers and over and out - for the time being.


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