Thursday, March 24, 2011

Liverpool Stakes - final race is run

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Greetings.     ( with Chipping Norton Stakes Day at Warwick Farm still in my mind)

Continuation of the great race...  start at the bottom for the start of the race..

.......   Whooaaa..  The crowd failed to roar enough.

Hadid the Lib failed to swing and bounced off Labor Lynch providing him a push over the line. The Hadid the Lib momentum crashed. Indy Byrne was listening for the roar from the crowd, but they were quiet. The jockey eased up for a third placing with a view of retiring the old horse.

The Liverpool Stakes is over, providing little for the punters to cherish.


........   150 metres to go  and   Green Stupidity is gone, Christian Ineptness is on its knees with Hadid the Lib and Labor Lynch whipping each other and shifting in towards Indy Byrne which has responded to the whip, still a length behind but going straight to the post.... keep your tickets folks, anything can happen here...


..... into the straight Green Stupidity has exhausted itself with vacuous words and is failing.  Christian Ineptness has realised it is in bad company with Labor Lynch and is seeking reconciliation by falling off the pace. Hadid the Lib is making a move. He is very excited with all of the signs on display along the course urging him to win.  Labor Lynch is distracted with many of his support signs looking defaced. Indy Byrne has slipped into a rails run position a length and a half off the pace. Labor Lynch appears agitated with Hadid the Lib giving him a bump or two. With those two "at it" within sight of the winning post Indy Byrne is under the whip and going for it........


Hey, the pace is on in the Liverpool Stakes as we swing around the bend into the straight with Labor Lynch out front with his 27% margin. I am travelling smoothly at the rear of the five horse race with a maintained momentum ready to pounce. I am shadowing Hadid the Lib who has size and a prominent stable backing him. He is providing the run for me.  Labor Lynch is being protected by two plodders, Green Stupidity and Christian Ineptness. It seems they are in the race to steer Labor Lynch a clear run by exhausting the other contenders who have to steer around them..................  ( to be continued )

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