Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A quick reflection on two journeys.


It is now 2 months since the election. And I offer again my thanks to my helpers throughout the campaign. I had family and friends ( who I acknowledge do shake their head at my activities) , and a few new acquaintances.  In particular I thank Casey Conway, a fine man from the Valley and with a good record of public service in Liverpool. 

My strategy, that of an outsider without Party backing, was to be there for the big swing and be a safe selection as a local and be in the running with preferences. A tough ask with the Optional Preferential voting system.  The swing in Liverpool did not happen. Indeed Mr Lynch was the only  Labor candidate to be elected with a majority of 1st preferences at 51% - down from 65%. I live in Chipping Norton, within the boundaries of the City of Liverpool, but in the State Seat of Menai which saw a 29% swing to the Liberals. There is much commonality with the peoples of East Liverpool and those suburbs of "the Shire" at the south-east end of the Menai seat. Liverpool's great mix of migrants, refugees and a whole sub region of rusted on welfare and low income voters held on for Mr Lynch. Sadly, forlornly.

I was happy with my result with 8.7% beating  the Greens and the Christian Democrats, both of whom, in my view, clutter up the electoral system for the Lower House.

I have just returned from a 20 day backpack trip through parts of Indonesia and Timor Leste -  Bali - Lombok - Flores - West Timor - Timor Leste. Another of my "tag along" expeditions with a few mates of many years.

It was a wonderful journey with an exuberant display of abundant life, as lived by the majority of people in the world. A life lived in accord with nature and a refreshing absence of the self autonomous individual ( hoons etc. ) with everybody getting about their daily lives. No SUV's doing the school kiddy drop off / pick up. Rather, school aged kids walking to school from villages to the town kilometres away. Schools were most prominent and their students appearing happy and engaged.

But for how long? With power widely distributed, television is present as the great communication tool we have known it to be for over 60 years. There is already  in place in the larger towns American style youth culture expressed in hair, body and clothe fashions. And graffitti.

Our journey took us to the top of mountains, often in cloud, down to the steamy coastal coral sands. It was superbly diverse. Both countries have fine opportunities to promote enviro tourism that does not require too many *** on the personal comfort meter.

I am now back in Chippo, pondering my future path(s).

Cheers to all