Friday, March 18, 2011

Coming into the final week - with Labor Lynch moving sideways

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Greetings.     ( with Chipping Norton Stakes Day at Warick Farm still in my mind)

Hey, the pace is on in the Liverpool Stakes as we swing around the bend into the straight with Labor Lynch out front with his 27% margin. I am travelling smoothly at the rear of the five horse race with a maintained momentum ready to pounce. I am shadowing Hadid the Lib who has size and a prominent stable backing him. He is providing the run for me.  Labor Lynch is being protected by two plodders, Green Stupidity and Christian Ineptness. It seems they are in the race to steer Labor Lynch a clear run by exhausting the other contenders who have to steer around them..................  ( to be continued )

Well that is the news of the week. The Greens and Christian Democrat Party are using the Legislative Assembly election (where the Government is determined) simply as a tool to have some prominence for their Legislative Council candidates. They are not recommending Preferences. This will have the effect of exhausting primary votes when they are ruled out of the count. We will see several thousand votes go nowhere because people were not guided to preference another Candidate. Vote exhaustion can see the major party candidate elected with less than 50% of the vote. This  happened in 2008 when the Labor Mayor Waller was elected on 39% of the vote after preferences.

In my view the Greens and the CDP stand as hypocrites seeking to promote truth and justice as they see it but in complete ignorance of what is going on around them in reality. As a consequence Green and CDP Poll Workers will in fact be working for Labor Lynch as he firms in the market.

I will be asking my poll workers to discuss this with the individuals who are working for the Greens and CDP and request them to verbally encourage preferences -  Use Your Preference to Make a Difference.

Hey, I hear the cheering of the crowd from a few hundred meters away and notice Labor Lynch shift slightly sideways in his run.... ( to be continued)

In the meantime watch for daily updates along with Policy matters to be announced.



PS.  To make election day roll out easier I am looking for poll workers to lighten the load of the day for other workers. I can be contacted through  

PS1 :  What name will I give myself in the Liverpool Stakes?  Leave a comment..



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