Thursday, June 13, 2013



Recently I  announced my standing as an Independent Candidate for the State Seat of Holsworthy.

I do so with the declaration that I am the Federal Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party, which is not registered as a political party in NSW. I stand by the values of DLP Labour that address much of what has been lost in our social profile in 2015 - loss of appreciation for family, workers and our natural wonder. The formula for the good life is pretty basic.    

I do so to effect change where it is most needed - change to make things better for the neglected electors in this new seat of Holsworthy that contains the whole of East Liverpool, Prestons,  Lurnea, parts of Casula, and along the Heathcote Road to include Voyagers Point, Pleasure Point.. This change of the electoral boundaries leaves us with a tiny snippet of the Sutherland Shire at Sandy Point and around Barden Ridge...  welcome Shireies... 

Holsworthy is a name with great tradition and has its place in history of 100 years ago being the main Military Base in New South Wales when we were engaged in the horrendous First World War.

The purpose of this site for the moment is to be a reference site covering Michael Byrne, the bloke, for those who want to enquire.

Our election web site is at