Monday, July 19, 2010

Lynch, Waller and Julia... all old hypocritical "lefties"

The coming Federal election will put before us a fundamental difference in the Prime Ministerial candidates, beyond the superficiality of gender. The difference was on display on recent July Saturdays in Liverpool.

In Bigge Park and then in procession through Liverpool City streets we witnessed the colourful and wonderful Rath-Jatra : Festival of Chariots. The spirit of the occasion was indeed religious as it is a Hindu festival spanning thousands of years. There were a thousand or two in attendance and a spirit of peace and generosity flowed. 

The gathering was addressed by local political identities, Paul Lynch MP and Mayor Wendy Waller. Their speeches played much on the spirit of multiculturalism, and in such pious tone, as it is a tenet of their secularist materialist beliefs in the absence of any from a transcendent source. Mr Lynch's speech was preceded by further pious chant of the secularists, to past Aboriginal clans.

Just to be sure, this is no complaint against the reality of cultural diversity or against the recognition of past wrongs to our indigenous peoples of Australia. It is an attempt to display a certain hypocrisy and failure in modern political behaviour.

Hypocrisy? Two weeks ago a much unpublicised and unsupported Liverpool Bicentenary event took place. I witnessed it with great expectation, and it delivered. Lamentably there was just me and a few others, bolstered by some incidental passers-by, and a few barking dogs. On display was tradition going back to Roman times and practised in later centuries by the British Military where the Freedom of the City is granted to a military group. Periodically they seek to practice that freedom and so we saw over 200 troops from the Corp of the Royal Australian Engineers with the Army Band - swords drawn, drums beating and colours flying. All this happening in empty streets devoid of peoples’ acclamation and the cheers of children. At Bigge Park, where a full Military Parade took place, we saw no more than 100 people, mainly passers-by, in attendance. 

There was no political representatives for this key Bicentenary event outside of the Mayor whose civic duty it was to inspect and address the parade. The lack of promotion by our $130 million Council under Mayor Waller displays a further decline of support for our western traditions that flow from the roots of our Judeo-Christian faith and British government and legal institutions. The absence of Paul Lynch MP reflects his well known attachment to the secularist mentality that sees traditions, customs and beliefs of the past as irrelevant.
Mayor Wendy Waller and Paul Lynch MP are old style “left” factional politicians from the same stable as Julia Gillard who is refining well her ways as she advances to gain popular support. 

Public displays of support by these characters for things / groups / events of Hindu, Buddhist, Islam heritage are all about them chasing the migrant vote dressed up in the snappy clothes of "respect" and "tolerance". What hypocrisy. In reality they carry, well hidden, the secularist theory that sees religious belief being for the weak who need a crutch to hobble through their miserable life. They see life as being solely material and purely rational, enlivened through education, self autonomy, personal power and material gain - the now proven soulless recipe for the lack of civic engagement and our social tragedies within the detached worlds of the indulgent elite down to the "sit down" welfare poor.  

The underlying discriminatory secularist, materialist, progressive, “Left” attitude against things of British / Christian / Tradition is seen in what they support and what they ignore. It appears to me to be a mentality that lacks wisdom, leaving incompetence and whimsy to prevail.

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