Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busted Politics - we are buried in it...

Busted politics indeed!

In Liverpool we experience the busted politics of narks, nongs and opportunists. I do not know how widespread this is in the wider world.

The narks are plentiful, the nongs less so but too many, whilst the opportunists ( Type O ) are fewer but most damaging.

Narks and nongs fill the void caused by the opportunists who damage the fabric of political service in their ruthless treatment of people between them and their targeted opportunity. People with ability move on to more productive enterprise and leave the public square.

One such character, Type O, was Craig Knowles who was seen too often placing civic policy, position and action secondary to his political ambition of attaining the heights as Premier of NSW.

History tells of Knowles’s demise through his own folly in life, much like his old man Stan, also a local State MP who went out backwards.  But history has not told to date the soiled fabric of civic engagement in Liverpool over the last 20 to 30 years, nor of Liverpool’s neglect in terms of public assets and services.

Of course Knowles is not alone in the Type O category around Liverpool. Whilst he  represented the thuggish pragmatic Right of his Party, the rat bag Left are also ensconced here feeding off the social welfare and migrant agendas. They are led by the old industrial smoke stack (stacker??) Paul Lynch MP who still reigns in Liverpool.

Lynch was a political basket case when Mark Latham was our civic leader almost 20 years ago, but with Mark’s call into the whirlwind ( catastrophic cyclone??) of Federal politics he left a deep void into which Lynch flopped to set up camp.

Liverpool has never been a valuable fiefdom in terms of assets to these characters. Rather, it has delivered cash flow - its “punters” have been  assured carriers of them to parliamentary Ministerial salaries, and of course fat pensions for life. 

The people of Liverpool have never been worthy of the Type O politicians’ intense interest, such is our civic disengagement and consequential blind loyalty in their votes.

Over the next few weeks and months I will be focussing on busted politics as I see it. I intend to be ageist, sexist and whatever other yet to be defined by our civic commanders that serve to block debate on important civic issues.

And a bit of yarn to see what we can do about it....



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