Sunday, August 22, 2010

Busted Politics? Extraordinary Events

I did an extraordinary thing yesterday.

I placed a  1  against a name on a green Ballot Paper and wrote in my personal preferences for the other people nominated for this democratic exercise.

In doing so I participated, by choice, in a freedom won for me across the centuries, and sadly to our present day, through spilt blood and lost lives by so many.

And what is equally extraordinary is that from today onwards as the vote count is finalised I and millions of other citizens will accept the decision made by our collective selves. This in recognition of the trust in the purpose of our established and bound secular and sacred institutions.  

These extraordinary things should not be taken as an ongoing given. There is a lag between the breakdown of institutional honesty in purpose and the inevitable social and civic consequences.

With the state of modern mechanistic politics I am not sure whether we have acted from an enlivened trust or from a position of residual trust that is running down like a dam in drought.

We do need to keep an eye on this to ensure there are ongoing extraordinary electoral events that see us act and accept.  Dams continually need replenishing rains.

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