Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lynch MP's hypocrisy on display at Public Forum

On Thursday night (Feb 24th) the local Liverpool Leader newspaper hosted a public forum at which candidates for the upcoming State Election stated their case and took questions. Well done to the Leader.

It was an interesting evening with Paul Lynch MP turning up with his rabble of noise sitting as a group at the rear of the meeting, and a few scattered around the hall. Their disruptions were minor and only had the effect of stirring up my own measured passion as I delivered my speech ( see below).

What was not pleasant was their ridicule and disrespect towards the Liberal and Christian Democrat speakers who had heavy middle-eastern accents. Mr Lynch was seen with a smile on his face as this happened.

This really shows up the hypocrisy of Lynch MP who counts these people as supporters and at the same time smooths over the various ethnic groups in Liverpool.

I notice he never brings the two groups together. The audience at the forum was mainly anglo-celt which of course suited the hypocritical Lynch for his purpose.

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